About Ad_vent

AD_VENT – the art of waiting – is an unconventional Advent calendar that offers unique experiences with art in public space.

The windows of the calendar are real doors with numbers that coincide with the dates. As the door opens an artwork will be revealed to the public – it may be music, literature, visual art, performance, theatre or dance.

AD_VENT invites professional artists from different fields to create site-specific works of art, and thus to offer genuine, qualitative, and first-hand experiences to the people of Oslo. In addition to the artistic project, which is presented at each door, another artist is invited to create the actual number for each date. All events are live and take place at various locations in the city.

The artistic idea of AD_VENT is about encouraging reflection on aspects of ‘waiting’ and ‘anticipating’. The idea is thereby to suggest an alternative approach to the month of December in a context where the audience is already over-exposed to various commercial or religious interests. AD_VENT is an urban Advent calendar which places art at its centre. It plays with the Christmas tradition, but it is meant to be anti-nostalgic, urban, and focused on experiences, rather than consumption.

AD_VENT seeks to be a platform for both established, well-known artists as well as young, aspiring talents. Fine art is combined with street art as means of demonstrating to the people of Oslo the large cultural diversity the city has to offer.

We would like to thank Oslo Kommune Kulturetaten, KORO and Kulturrådet for their positive engagement and financial support that has made it possible for AD_VENT to give the people of Oslo unique art experiences during the “waiting time” – free of charge.

Core Team

  • Ditteke Waidelich, idea, artistic director and producer
  • Helga Marie Nordby, co curator
  • Marielle Kalldahl, production assistant
  • Audun Eftevåg, video
  • Leon Muraglia, technical
  • Marius Engan Johansen, technical
  • Lars Ø Ramberg, artistic advisor
  • André Gali, PR advisor
  • Ella Jahr Nygaard, PR
  • Hanne Tingleff, intern

Current and past collaborators:

  • Nikolai Lieblein Røsæg
  • Liavaag/Lindberg
  • Jon Gorospe
  • Jakob Oredsson
  • Verdensteatret
  • Christian Tony Norum
  • Victor Lind
  • Tore Magne Gundersen
  • Ina Åsheim
  • Tone Kummervold
  • Kornelia Remø Klokk
  • Pål Christian Eggen
  • Erlend Loe
  • Lars Ø Ramberg
  • Victor Mutelekesha
  • Jonas Øren
  • Eivind Hofstad Evjemo
  • Fadlabi
  • Marius Engan Johansen
  • Fredrik Høyer
  • Bendik Baksaas
  • Audun Severin Eftevåg
  • Mia Habib
  • Liam Alzafari
  • Stian Westerhus
  • Trine Kielland
  • Camara Lundestad Joof
  • Javier Barrios
  • Hanne Lippard
  • Anders Kjellesvik
  • Silent Disco Club / Håvard Brekke Haugland
  • Olav Ringdal
  • Claire de Wangen
  • Christopher Nielsen
  • Ella Honeyman Novotny
  • Trude Viken
  • TekstLab
  • Susanne Irene Fjørtoft
  • Frenk Haak
  • Oslo Operakoret / Martin Franz Ludwig Wettges
  • Hild Borchgrevink
  • Gro Dahle
  • Henrik Placht
  • Gjertrud Jynge
  • Amund Sjølie Sveen
  • Ellen Ugelvik
  • Gyrid Gunnes
  • Amalie Kasin Lerstang
  • Cathrine Knudsen
  • Aleksander Johan Andreassen
  • Chollada Phinitduang


  • Posthuset
  • Nasjonalmuseet
  • Bring Lager
  • Arbeidermuseet
  • Økern Bad
  • Nobels Fredssenter
  • Økern bad
  • JCDecaux
  • Strawberry Advisory
  • Nationaltheatret
  • Norges Bank
  • Skur 13
  • Interkulturelt Museum
  • Deichman Bibliothek Grünerløkka
  • Statsbygg
  • Oslo Ladegård
  • Stiftelesen Edvard Munchs Atelier
  • Apcoa Parking
  • DOGA
  • Etterstad Kolonihage
  • Sentralen
  • Den Gamle Krigsskolen
  • Ridehuset
  • Domkirke
  • Thon Hotel